"Time and space are illusions. Everything is frequency...

energy and frequency."

- Mahsa Keikha



A controls and electrical engineer by training and profession, I am currently a low level radio frequency (LLRF) researcher at Triumf, Canada's particle accelerator centre, and a PhD candidate in mechatronics engineering.

I am CEO of Connected Things, a start-up company specializing in providing businesses with simple and flexible IoT solutions and Connected Things Scientific, a provider of health-focused solutions including IoT and data analysis, diagnostic tests, and facility simulation and modeling


Plus - and most importantly - I'm proud mom to my beautiful and talented daughter.


I'm currently working on a book exploring the concept of a conscious multi-dimensional universe and how we are observers, participants and co-creators of that universe.

Joining me on the journey of creating the book is writer and friend Tracy Jager. Dr. Reza Hassiri, a fellow Iranian-Canadian with expansive vision, prompted me to begin the process. His business, Sunrise Dental Clinic, is generously sponsoring the book's development.