About Me

“If we trust our intuition, we will remember our heroic mission in this time-space reality. Our mission is unconditional love. That is why we are here."

- Mahsa Keikha

A controls and electrical engineer by training and profession, I am currently a low level radio frequency (LLRF) researcher at Triumf, Canada's particle accelerator centre, and a PhD researcher in mechatronics engineering.

I am CEO of Connected Things, a start-up company specializing in providing businesses with simple and flexible IoT solutions and Connected Things Scientific a provider of health-focused solutions including IoT and data analysis, diagnostic tests, and facility simulation and modeling. 

Born and raised in Iran, I left an abusive relationship in 2013 and fled to Canada with my daughter. I put my trust in life and whatever it might bring. My expectation was that everything would work out - and my Universe responded accordingly. My experience has been positive and extraordinary.


My father, who was also an electrical engineer, spent much of his life in Calfornia after he earned his grad degrees at San Jose State University. It was while doing his PhD that he went back to Iran for a visit and first met my mom. 

My dad started his own career at the age of seven, helping my grandfather who worked as an electrician. Dad was a huge inspiration to me and to my two brothers—all of us went on to become engineers.


He was a brilliant, kind and caring man. A generous philanthropist, my dad believed in helping others and giving them opportunities. He purchased a house in California, and brought his siblings over to also get an education. Then he started taking care of other students, many Persian—providing them food and a place to stay. When I was 17, my father's life here, in this time-space dimension, was tragically cut short. He was in his early 50s. His house—affectionately nicknamed Godfather's House—still stands and continues to help students in need.