“Everything is consciousness. Nothing is actually separate. This 3D reality that we perceive, this time and space, is an illusion. It is merely energy organizing itself at specific frequencies.”

- Mahsa Keikha

I am currently working on a book exploring the concept of a conscious multi-dimensional universe of which we are observers, participants and co-creators.

After many discussions with fellow Iranian-Canadian Dr. Reza Hassiri as to the nature of reality, he prompted me to write the book. His business, Sunrise Dental Clinic, is generously sponsoring the book’s development. Joining on the journey of putting it together is writer Tracy Jager.

The book blends metaphysics and science—particularly applied and theoretical physics—to put forward a theory of a conscious universe. This theory is informed by my own experiences and thoughts, as well as by some of the innovative concepts and research by inspired and pioneering scholars of today and the recent past. I also propose how a person can apply this theory in their own experience.

Me with Dr. Reza Hassiri and Tracy Jager at our first official meeting about the book.

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