• Mahsa Keikha

Solidarity, Unity and Unconditional Love

“I eliminated duality with joyous laughter

Saw the unity of the here and the hereafter

Unity is what I sing, unity is what I speak

Unity is what I know, unity is what I seek”

- Rumi

Yesterday, on Blackout Tuesday, I, like many others around the world, changed my social media profile picture to show my support for the Black Lives Matter movement. I wanted to demonstrate my solidarity with protestors seeking justice for the murder of unarmed black man George Floyd by white police officers last week, and with those seeking an end to racism and the system-wide attitudes, policies and practices that foster and promote a racist environment.

I was horrified by the killing of Mr. Floyd and by the police officer’s casual cruelty as he took the life of a man begging for breath, begging for help, begging for mercy. I was equally disturbed by the cowardice and complicity of the other officers. I am keenly aware that it was not an isolated incident. I know that there is, and has long been, callous disregard for the lives of those whose skin happens to be colored, not just in the United States, but around the world, and that there are deliberate and repeated attempts to oppress others based on the color of their skin or their place of birth. Despite the many advances we seem to have made, racism remains rampant. Thinking about it causes my heart to deeply ache.

I have been moved by the collective uprising of people around the world, and I understand the anger, the grief, and the pain that has quickly risen in response to George Floyd’s death. Emotions are our tools and our guides in these human bodies of ours. That so many people share these emotions that they are compelled to gather, physically and virtually, to demonstrate their desire for change is inspiring. People want something better. It seems clear to me that at this point in our shared time-space reality there is a transformation taking place. This has been apparent not only in the events of the last week, but in recent months as our daily lives have been dramatically altered by COVID-19.

There have been many images circulating of the protests, some uplifting, some terrifying. One that impacted me is of a woman holding a sign that says, “All mothers were summoned when George Floyd called out for his Momma.” (For those not fully aware of the scenario that unfolded, as Mr. Floyd was dying, he made a heart wrenching plea for his mother.) The photo highlights many things for me, including the recognition that we all enter this world as tiny, vulnerable babies, our passage made without ego and all its illusory trappings. Also, while the process of birth can be frightening and painful, a rollercoaster of emotions, what emerges is brilliant new life and unconditional love.

New life and unconditional love – these can emerge from this tremendous time. I believe that. Creating this new reality will not come without challenges, without resistance. But passing through anger and fear and sadness, we can keep our sights on the positive emotions of joy, compassion and understanding, and emerge with love for each other and all.

Separateness is merely an illusion. Yes, there is great wonder and beauty in our individual experiences. But we can become captivated by our perception – both enchanted and trapped by what we imagine as our single, solitary reality. Really though, we are merely collected bundles of energy interacting and evolving. When it comes right down to it, we are all one – all made of the same elementary particles, part of the great cosmos, united by our very source.

Yesterday and today and here ever after, I stand in solidarity, I stand in unity, I stand in love.

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